I Help Missionpreneurs and Mission Driven Organizations Powerfully Communicate Their Value And Market Their Message With Ease

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CoachingForEntrepreneursIf you’re an entrepreneur with a big mission (missionpreneur):

I’m dedicated to helping you catapult your business into more profits while honoring the things that matter most: family, friends, faith, and freedom.

MarketingYourBusinessIf you’re a mission driven business or organization:

We strive to become your marketing partner to help you communicate your message powerfully, gain more visibility, and get your message to the masses!

If You Have A Big Vision, It’s Time To Get It Out There And Impact The World! 
We provide world class business and marketing training, coaching and consulting to help you thrive!


Alex gave me advice that allowed me to dramatically increase my revenues. I made more money in one week that I made all year selling products.

Alex Navas has been instrumental in my business growth and success this year. I’m more focused on the things that Do matter like profiting and forward thinking.

I’ve been marketing online for the last 14 years but when I get stuck, I turn to Alex to give me advise and strategies to make my promotions truly turn to gold.

“I’m tired of seeing faith dwindling, families failing and finances fractured from lack of business know how. I’ve taken a stand to help entrepreneurs create businesses that give them the freedom to thrive rather than settling for businesses that suck them dry.”

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About Alex Navas

After creating two mid six-figure service businesses, losing it all and rebuilding from rock bottom once again, I began developing proven sales and marketing strategies for passionate entrepreneurs desiring a lucrative business that didn’t require having to sacrifice relationships with loved ones, their faith, or their personal lives to achieve business success and a thriving life!

I’m completely addicted to inspiring people to break through their boundaries, step into their greatest passion and purpose and guide them to create extraordinary lives through their businesses so they can give their clients and loved ones 100% of themselves while changing the world in amazing ways!

Basically, I help purpose driven entrepreneurs build highly profitable businesses with a bigger purpose. Read more…